Before we started BEAST Barbell Club, we were looking for a sports facility that was for male and female athletic  powerlifters and people serious about how and where they train—but we couldn’t find one. You see, the heart of our team and members is crazy competitive peeps! High school, college and military athletes, they are in it at home and the gym.  We don't want to fit in, we don't want to be average, so a blah blah facility was a definite "No-Go" for us, so we created and designed BEAST Barbell Club with you in mind.  

BEASTBC is a space you could be proud of, that functions like a well-oiled machine and offers great perks to our members, while being a presence not to be messed with in Newport News.  We strive to be more than "the place you work out at", but a family-like spot and an active member in the community. 

If you feel like your workout gig is missing something, then come see us and experience the difference at BEAST Barbell Club, and get back in the game where you belong!