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what's driving us forward?



As a U.S. Army Veteran, I understand the importance of camaraderie, community and serving others. 


At BEAST Barbell Club, active duty military and veterans are welcomed to our gym! We are comrades of the  Newport News, VA community.  You are a vital component to our gym and we actively serve in the community and partner with military/veteran friendly establishments to give back to our military service-members.  


BEAST is connected to leaders and veteran-owned businesses, to make sure we are engaged and changing matters that affect you and our local residents. ​


REAL AUTHENTIC Customer Service is in full force at BEAST! We are vested in our members; therefore, your thoughts and concerns are important to us and is key to our growth and success. We value our members and all you offer, to this woman veteran-owned business to make it an awesome place to workout! 


This gym is not your ordinary rack! (It's a joke.) Our goal is to grow as a gym-family.  Motivate, support and challenge each other physically and mentally in the gym, life and the community.  


We will launch local events and donate 5% of all our profits to charity.  


BEAST’s core values, foundation and faith make a difference and so do our members!

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