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BEAST Barbell Club offers much more than the traditional gym. Our state-of-the-art powerlifting and bodybuilding training facility will inspire you to reach your fitness goals and surpass  them. Whether you want all access to our amenities or just a select few, we have the perfect membership option for you!  We do things differently...we give a random free day pass four times a month.  So signup to the mailing list and the winner could be you!

1-Day PASS

$7 Bucks

Are you ready to get pumped up? BEAST Barbell Club offers Day Passes. WE WANT a member! You’ll enjoy some of the perks of being a homie. 

Note: Passes subject to staff hours only.

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1-Week PASS

$11 Bucks

Wanna stay a lil longer? Then take advantage of our no obligation 1-Week Pass.  You'll get to really see what it's like being in the life. Signup today!  

Note: Passes subject to staff hours only.