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Start Your Day - MADNESS Monday!

WAT UP Peeps! Yes, I'm a lil late today on this Madness Monday afternoon, but I haven't forgotten about you! Ya'll READY? The BEAST is coming!

So to start off your week CRUSH'n, here is a plan to get you on your way baby! Take a pic, load a video but make sure you ROCK IT! (Metal-head bobb) 🏋️‍♀️

4-Day a Week Routine -- (Each Body Part 2x/Week)

This routine is done 4 days per week like today--MON, TUE, THURS and FRI. Each muscle group is worked every 3-4 days and each power lift once per week. The exercises used will vary between the two same muscle group days. Bottom-line all exercises are done once a week (different exercises that work the same body part, completed on the opposite day! This routine helps prevent your body from adapting too quickly the routine.

The outline will be:

Day One: Squat, Upper Back.

Day Two: Bench, Arms, Abs.

Day Three: Deadlift.

Day Four: Bench Assistance, Arms, Abs.

MONDAY - Day One:


Pause Squats

Barbell Rows

Cable Pulls

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