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Hey everyone!

Hope you all are pressing on and through while still staying safe! As most of you know COVID-19 sucks...and has put a serious dip in our mojo!!! But we won't let that stop us!

Because of that, we're going to change up our stance and do some new things. One of those things is to soon offer BEAST "One-on-Won!" Private Personal Training, as well as launch a new "ReDesign Fitness Program" which will include: Personal Assessment, Nutrition, Training and Accountability. You'll have private video sessions and the ability to schedule your "Kick IT Call" when you sign up. Slots will be limited but will be noted of availability.

We will also begin launching an exclusive group for BEAST members and provide some serious meat to the bone! (I like meat.) I'm a foodie! Ok back to the subject. Exclusive content, videos, articles and more to follow. We don't want to lose you due to COVID, so we are switching gears until we can see you in the GYM!

FYI, I'll start posting "me", a lil bit, about myself and story...yeah you'll finally get to see the owner of BEAST and what I'm all about and how much we are striving to do more and be better in the community.

Aight ya'll I'm out...until next time. Stay Strong and BEAST-Out a lil! :-)

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