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WHATUP WEDNESDAY! How you doin?! 😂 Hey hey BEASTs today is a “FOODIE” Day!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022


How you doin?! Hey hey BEASTs today is a “FOODIE” Day! I enjoy cooking for others BUT NOT FOR MYSELF!!! That’s WORK WORK WORK YET, here’s is a simple easy fresh lemony rice recipe for those food prep”rs!

Cook, pack and freeze! That’s my motto and I’m stick’n to it! LOL

Wanna eat? Pop in microwave. So easy I can do it!

Stay Strong. Eat Well. Stay Safe! BEAST-out!

Lemon Parsley Rice

1 Cup of Rice (Long Grain, Jasmine, Whole Wheat - You choose)

1 Lemon Juiced (Prefer Fresh-squeezed)

1 Bunch Parsley chopped (I used curly, but Italian is good as well)

1-1 1/2 TBLSP Butter (I use Country Crocks Plant Butter--Avocado, Olive Oil)

Step 1. Bring hot water to boil with lemon juice prepared.

Step 2. Cook rice according to package directions or if you know how to eye-ball it, you're good! lol

Step 3. Add parsley and butter to hot rice.

Step 4. Mix all ingredients and gobble it up!

BEAST Food Tip:

I separate into serving size, place in a freezer bag and stack until ready to eat! Pop it in the microwave for a few seconds! BAM tastes almost like it was just made. Key is to add the lemon to the water while boiling! :-)

So so yummy the fresh lemon juice and parsley make this rice almost addictive! ENJOY!

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